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All about us

My name is Lauren, and it's still a little crazy to me that I'm on a wedding planning website! Before I met Dan, I never wanted to get married. I loved being single and actively avoided getting too caught up with just one person. Then in March of 2008 I had my first date with this guy, and well... I fought it and fought it for as long as I could ;) Truth is, he's just perfect for me, and I can't even remember the direction I once thought for sure my life would take.

A little about Dan and me (and our precious fur-baby), taken directly from our website and thrown on PW

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Lauren grew up in Southampton, PA and attended Arcadia University (although she'll always call it Beaver) for her B.A. in English, B.F.A. in graphic design and photography, and M.Ed. in secondary education. A second Master's in English is the next plan, but she thinks a new school may be refreshing. As surprising as it surely sounds, she loves writing, reading, and anything to do with the arts.

Lauren works as an English and journalism teacher at Central Bucks High School South, which is only a quick drive from her condo in Horsham that she shares with the world's sweetest blind, obese pit bull, GingerBaby.

As an only child, Lauren was (and still is) very close with her parents, Kathy and Ray. They helped instill her love of animals, her obsession with travel, and her overwhelming desire to redesign and redecorate every room of her house. It is also impossible to be a member of this family and not have a passion for politics and an involvement in volunteer and charitable causes. Her parents are not, however, to blame for her addiction to college basketball (UNC and Nova!) or rather intense shoe collection

When Lauren is not with her fabulous family, fabulous friends, or fabulous fiance, there's a good chance you'll find her at the gym or out for a run. There's also an equal chance that soon after she can be found in the kitchen, baking something that will likely put all of the calories back on. Hopefully the prospect of a beautiful wedding gown will help her keep a healthy balance.


Daniel grew up in the Tacony/Wissinoming section of Northeast Philadelphia across the street from American Legion Playground (commonly referred to as Devereaux or Devro). The house he grew up in is no longer standing, but for one week it was a lovely shade of pink and could be seen from space. Dan attended St. Leo’s for grade school, Northeast Catholic for high school, La Salle University for a B.A. in psychology, and Holy Family University for a Master’s of Education. Dan also is considering going back to school for a Master’s + 30 or maybe even a second Master's degree because he believes that whoever dies with the most degrees wins the prize.

Dan works at Kensington High School for Business, Finance, & Entrepreneurship and teaches Algebra 1 to freshmen. Although he is not currently involved in any extra-curricular activities at the school, he does volunteer as a baseball and basketball coach for Wissinoming Boys Club.

After hearing daily about how his mother went through over 33 hours of labor, it’s no wonder Daniel is the only child to his loving parents, Joe and Diane. From early on in his life, Dan’s parents have always been there for him, whether it was to help him with school projects or to take him to one of the many sports that he played while growing up. Collectively, they have instilled in him the value of treating others as you would like to be treated and the benefits of putting 100% in all areas of life (school, work, sports, etc...). From his father, Dan gets his sense of humor as well as his punctuality, and his mother has not only taught him how to treat/respect women but also to speak his mind and deal with the consequences later.

When Dan is not educating America’s youth, spending time with his beautiful fiancée, or enjoying his season tickets to the Phillies, he remains active by competing in numerous activities. Daniel plays softball and basketball, goes to the gym, shoots darts, and even does stand-up comedy. Dan also has the fortunate advantage of being surrounded by an amazing group of friends, some of whom have remained in his life since grade school. Let’s just hope that at least one of them can assist him in getting to that altar on time on the big day.


Dan and Lauren's family wouldn't be complete without their beloved pup, GingerBaby. When Dan first began dating Lauren, she let him know that, without exception, if he didn't like her OCD pit bull, there would be no future for them. Luckily, Dan has always been a dog-person, and even more luckily, Ginger has adored him from Day One.

Two and a half years later, Dan is by far the favorite parent.

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Yeah, Ginger sleeps a lot :)

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