Jul 03, 2010


Pro Pics *Rock The Dress*

I had so much fun during my TTD, that I wanted more!  I decided to put my dress on one last time & rock some pictures. *sigh*  I hope this brings me some closure, because I am having a hard time grieving over the "loss" of my wedding!



RTD pics courtesy of Dawn Sparks Photography:











Rock the Dress Teasers:



  Here are my inspiration pictures for the vibe/look I am hoping to achieve:

  Rock The Dress photo 1   Rock The Dress photo 2

Rock The Dress photo 3   Rock The Dress photo 4   Rock The Dress photo 5

  Rock The Dress photo 6   Rock The Dress photo 7


  RTD Bouquet courtesy of PW's very talented Dreaday!




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How have I never seen all of these??? You look like a sci-fi princess (not alien-esque!) It's just - this gorgeous girl in these stunning, desolate cityscapes! Wowwwwww!

I love your dress.  Absolutely beautiful!

Love this!

love these!!