Feb 19, 2012


The Bride & Groom

Hello, everyone! I am so so so excited to be here! My Fiance, Justin, and I are over the moon to be planning our wedding!

How we met:

I was sitting at home on a Saturday night babysitting my four year old nephew [who is quite possibly the coolest kid], when I received a text message from my Aunt Karen. She had gone out that night with a girl friend of hers, I was looking forward to drunk texts/phone calls and assumed this was one of them. But it was a picture message of my now fiance and the text "could you be interested in this guy?" I wrote back almost instantly, "hell yes I could!" and so it began. He was a former coworker of the woman she with, and she claims to have known instantly we were perfect for each other. That night we text for hours and everybody kept asking me to come out. Unfortunately, I couldn't.
It ended up being nearly two weeks before we actually had our first date. And it was perfect. I was so nervous because I had convinced myself he wouldn't like me. I realize now how ridiculous that thought was.

He is by far the best text I ever received!



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So cute!!!!

What a beautiful story!  I love your bio.

Love this story! "He is by far the best text I ever received!" my fav part!

Awww such a beautiful story!!