Jul 03, 2010


Plum joins the 10k club!

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On 9/18/10 I reached my 10,000th post!  Here was my monumental post:


Well I made it to 10k & am thrilled!  I love this community more than words can express.  You all have been here for me through happy times & sad & I have made so many friends along the way.  My wedding day was more than I ever dreamed it would be & I have PW to thank for it!  I absolutely love being a hostess & helping keep this community fun, supportive & accepting, as well as sharing my joy & love for all things weddings :)  H ere are a few quick shout outs before DH's debut:

@hostesses: Thank you for being a strong, supportive group of women.  You have all inspired me, lifted me up & made me smile.  I <3 each & everyone of you & am honored to be part of the team :)

@Allie, Drea: Thank you so, so much for showing me an awesome time during my b-party redo (Claire too!).  You two have been so helpful, kind & inspiring & I hope this friendship continues to blossom beyond PW.

@msdl: Thank you for always being so kind, supportive & sweet!  You're so complimentary & you are one of those ladies that make PW incredible :)


My DH wasn't really sure what to write (since he didn't do my 5k post), so here is his "story of us".  Enjoy!


What can I say about my wife?  In high school she wasn’t a cheerleader because they were all un-athletic & terrible.  So my wife was on the dance team, not a lame wanna be “stomp the yard” team, but a legitimate talented dance team who yielded real skill.  Although we were only friends back then, I still noticed how talented and beautiful she was. However, she enjoyed the company of a d-bag boyfriend at the time and I didn’t really think sh e could ever be interested in me. So I continued on with my life as any other human would, and although I hit the "friend zone" pretty hard I stayed a great admirer of hers as she would occasionally call throughout college to keep in touch and hang out every now and again.

A year or so went by and I found myself in Calc 2 and sure enough there she was. She was a great friend. I thought I was smart as hell getting my degree in Biochemistry, but she took calculus to the next level for me. She carried my ass into getting an A in that class and frankly I considered that one of the sexiest things anyone could ever do for me. Crappy thing was that at the time I was in a relationship and so was she. So once again the timing was off and I was probably a little too fat. So more time went by and I worked out, lost weight, and studied hard.

Walking outside the biology building I here my name, turn around and barely recognize her by how beautiful she was. She pops up again and I think we exchanged numbers or maybe we still had ours, but soon after we started hanging out again. As we went into graduation we started hanging out and she even hung out at my graduation party, but I was still in the "friend zone". I didn’t know how to get out of the "friend zone", but no man really knows how. I tell you how… make sure she has a big mouth twin sister who you have also known since high school and have her take you aside and tell you that her sister is interested in you. I realize that this is an unlikely situation for the rest of you, but I also saw this unlikely situation as what some of us would call fate or destiny. It sounds lame, but she was someone special and I have known this for years.

After that all happened… we dated, moved in together, and fell in love. I don’t want to minimize all of this time being in love, buying a house and living in complete happiness, but the time seems to roll by faster when you are enjoying life so much. I waited too long to ask her to marry me, but I finally did it and she actually said yes. I was on top of the world, and she planned and decorated the most beautiful wedding anyone could ever think of. We went on the most beautiful honeymoon, and had the most wonderful time.

The thing about life though is that when it seems like you are on top, for some reason life finds a way to knock you down. Melissa was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer just 67 days after our wedding and what started as a voyage into happiness, quickly turned into the stormy darkness that we will fight through together. What’s frustrating is that she has to do all the fighting, I can only cheer for her on the sidelines just like I did all those years ago in high school. I love you Mel, and I know you will be able to take this on just like everything else you have encountered.  Congrats on 10k.



Sorry this was so long!  Thanks again's to the next 10k :)

Lots of <3,


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Holding back the tears! You are such an inspiration, in more ways than one.

I was so incredibly touched to be mentioned in your 10K post. You are amazing, Mel and everyone here adores you! I think I've told you this before, but you can't ever leave! :-)

lump in the throat...amazing girl...i can not believe that you only had a day of coordinator...

and i will pray for you...keep fighting the hard fight!!


Oh Melissa, Derek's post moved me to tears!  I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis...but so glad you have such an amazing support system.  I'll be praying for you during this time. You'll get through this together.