Jul 08, 2011


Flowers: Inspiration v. Reality

Here are the inspiration pics for my bouquet; none of them are exactly "it" since I want a combination of peonies and open roses in soft pink, blush, and ivory. Some of these bouquets are perfect for flower type, some for color, some for size, etc.

Flower OVERPower photo 9 Flower OVERPower photo 16 


    Flower OVERPower photo 17 

I would like my mother's handkerchief and my late Nana's rosary attached to my bouquet like in the last photo

***And here's my bouquet***


Florist: Rhoads Garden

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I LOVE your inspirations for bouquets!

Love your bouquet inspirations!  Can't wait to see what yours will look like! 

so pretty!

I love peonies and cabbage roses!  Gorgeous and perfect with your dress.