Jul 08, 2011


DIY, naturally

Less than six months from the wedding I finally began tackling some DIYs - first is was the bathroom basket.

Here's one of them in its plain, boring original state:

(purchased at Michaels)

I had some wide ivory ribbon, a hot glue gun, and these supercheap wedding cake scrapbook stickers:

(purchased at Joann's)

Pretty soon I had these little baskets:



Not bad, huh? :)

This next project took longer than I expected, mostly because I'm OCD about everything being perfectly neat. I bought plain wooden "I DO" letters and a wooden heart from Michaels and some pink and gold paint from Joann's... and something else that I questioned at the time...

The letters painted pink with gold trim:


But something was missing... turns out the pink "Fairy Dust" (yes, that's the real name) I bought at Joann's at the same time as the paint was what it needed.

I sprinkled the Fairy Dust only on the wet pink paint of the top layer.


I went to Joann's to find materials for a cardbox... and instead I found these beautiful boxes with magnetic flaps:

I bought a large one and a small one, with the idea that I'll attach one to the top of the other. I'm actually going to seal the top and cut an envelope-sized slit in the front below the bow and above the writing. (The top and front are scripted "Life is meant to be celebrated" - perfect!)

Now I can't wait to work on some more projects!!!

(3) Comments

Your "I DO' letters look fantastic. 

Such pretty colors! I cant wait to see your wedding!

I bought a damask one similar to your inspiration at Michael's for like $20!  (If you're still thinking damask)!! :)