Oct 10, 2010


Pre Wedding Words of Wisdom

Planning my wedding has been an experience full of up and down emotions.  I sit here today wondering what I’ll be doing with all my time after my wedding when there will be nothing to plan.  It has been an adventure diving into the wedding industry that I knew nothing about 14 months ago.  All the weddings I have been to, I never knew what went on behind the scenes.   Oh how I will appreciate the next wedding invitation I get. Thank goodness for finding PW, my virtual coordinator!  I met so many great people and the ideas were limitless.  Yes I’ll admit it was hard seeing other inspirations when I thought I was set on my ways but without the PW community, my wedding will not have had the personal touch of the little details that make it a day to remember in my heart.    

Thank you all for making my dreams come true and to all you girls planning your wedding, enjoy every moment of the planning process!


BE ORGANIZED – I learned early on to keep all my wedding planning records on a USB disk.  Long behold this tip really saved me when my laptop died on me 6 months into the planning.  Life Saver!! 

Start a separate email account just for anything wedding related.  It was good to not mix my personal correspondences with wedding planning emails.  Everything wedding related just went straight to this new email address.  


DOC – GET ONE.  I thought I was on top of it but after having my DOC take over these last few weeks, it has been a total blessing.  Its been great being able to bounce ideas with my DOC and getting suggestions on things I am unfamiliar with such as tips and flow of reception.  I’m very grateful bc my DOC is so responsive and emails me back right away and totally reliable!


CONTRACTS –  You’re entitled to a signed copy even if vendor tells you email is sufficient.  To be on the safe side, always request hard copy with signature for your records.


INVITATIONS – When I sent out my invites, on the RSVP I forgot to mark who it would be from when guests mailed it back.  Although I had a line for them to write their names, I had several declines come back where they left the names blank and only checked off that they were declining.  I should have numbered the inside of each RSVP envelope or put their address as the sender on the envelope so that when it came back I could of matched it up to who it’s from. 


DRESS – If you plan on having an outdoor wedding take into consideration the number of layers the dress may have.  When I picked my dress, I just thought I had to worry about a long train never thinking about the layers until I was sweating beads during my fitting.  Another helpful tip I learned is that some designers allow you to purchase the dress in a shorter length called “hollow to hem” for petite gals.  I didn’t find out about this until after my dress was ordered and when I spoke to the shop about this they told me they didn’t offer it to me bc I needed my dress shorter than the min length that they offered in the hollow to hem.  Even still I would have gotten this option bc that meant the less my seamstress had to take in since my dress had so many intricate layers.


SHOES –  When FI and I started practicing our first dance, I realized the shoes I had wanted to wear just weren’t cutting it and were so uncomfortable.  I don’t wear heals often so I didn’t want to be in misery.  Sling backs are what I ultimately decided to wear and they are super comfy and manageable for dancing.  For the ceremony I’ve decided to keep my normal heals and change into the sling backs for the reception.  No matter what anyone says, shoes make a big deal but don’t negotiate comfort for look.


MAKEUP/HAIR – Do NOT show your trial to too many ppl.  Be cautious of who you show it to.  I mistakenly showed it to several ppl and although I really liked the style I let their suggestions take over and I started having doubts about the look.  If you want to show it to someone, show it to someone who has similar taste as you whom you really look to for style advice.  Remember it’s your look and only you really know what FI likes about you. 


PHOTOGRAPHY – Be sure to read the contract in fine print and SHOP around.  I have a tendency to be haste in my decision sometimes overlooking minor details.  When I signed my contract I didn’t really know what was considered a good deal and what I should have looked for.  When I had gotten my e-pics on a disc, I realized I couldn’t blow up the pictures.  I looked at my contract and it had some type of verbiage about the resolution that is included in the package and if client wants higher resolution then that was an additional cost.  Oversight on my part. 

One surprising find I found late into my planning was that there are so many talented photographers down in S. Cal and when I saw their package prices, I realized that they were very reasonable and once you add on the cost of flying them up to N.Cal their prices are pretty comparable to the going rate up in N.Cal.  Sometimes their packages included more perks such as longer coverage hours or free album so in the end it might even out or be a better deal.  This was true for both photography and videography.


VIDEOGRAPHY – This was the last vendor I booked.  By far this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in planning my wedding.  To be able to capture my special day in a cinematic format is really awesome and something I will definitely cherish for the rest of my life. 


DIY – I never imagined I’d take on any crafty projects but from all the helpful suggestions from fellow PWs, I appreciate more the details that are going into my wedding.  Makes me really feel like I was able to personalize it to FI & my taste.  Yes I will admit some of the projects ended up costing me more than if I were to of bought it but the whole experience was worth every penny/time!



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