Jul 11, 2009


The proposal(s)

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The proposal s photo 1

So, lucky one I think, I got two proposals :) Twice as much partying, yes! The first time, Troels asked me extremely spontaneously while we were in Denmark - it litteraly just came out of his mouth when he didn't expect it hehe. Of course I said yes :) What lovely late hours of the night we spent looking at the stars, sitting by the water of Esrum Soe, the lake by which his parents live.

The second "proper" proposal was in New York City. Troels and I went to have diner at "our" restaurant, this little upper-east-side Italian restaurant called "Maruzella". Then we went on a walk in "our" park, the Karl Shutz park. A black and white movie was playing on a big screem in the park, with small lights everwhere it was so romantic. Troels sad me down so I was looking at the East River with the skyline in the background, he went on his knee. Got a ring out of his pocket and proposed. I thought for a minute.....then decided to accept, yet again :D I was crying so much.

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aw, that's wonderful!