Apr 06, 2007


Wedding Afterthoughts

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Our wedding day was truly one of the happiest days of my life. On the day of, it is not a matter of the details that you have been stressing about over many months such as chargers and chivari chairs (Thanks to the many brides who gave me their advice about these issues!!) ;) , but it becomes a warm celebration with your family and friends who are there to witness your marriage union. It is not until I was walking down the aisle, looking at all the smiling faces back at me, that I realized the wedding is not about all the little details that you have been stressing over. I was just so happy and honored that so many friends and family came out to have a great time and celebrate.

However, I am very glad that I made all the detailed decisions and that I did and decided to go for what I loved cause it's one day, one time in your life, and there is no going back to "I wish I did that or that." I LOVED wedding many ideas and directions that you can choose to go with. ;)

On the actual day, I had full confidence in my vendors, relaxed and had a good time entertaining all of our guests.

I didn’t grow up dreaming of my wedding day and my wedding dress, but Sam and our parents truly gave me a “dream wedding” that I will truly cherish forever.

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