Oct 10, 2010

I'm a Florida transplant who moved back up north and found the love of my life, Eric!!


First I want to say....I'm MARRIED!!!  OMG, it still feels surreal.


Non-Pro Pictures - Ceremony


The day of the wedding was SO AMAZING!!! Saturday, the day before, my MOH, cousin and myself got up after very few hours of sleep and started organizing what needed to get done, taking phone calls from what seems like of tons of people, got dressed and headed over to get nails and a pedi done.  I didn't want to get a conventional french manicure, so I got a full set of gel nails (without tips - which I had never heard of before) and we chose a cream base with brown tips to match my dress (the truffle part anyway).  : )  This place we went to also had a spa and I was so trying to hold myself back from not getting one, although I would have loved to have had one.  I didn't want my girls just sitting there and unfortunately our budget did not allow for me to pay for them as well, so we skipped that although I will be going back very soon for a spa day. 

We got home after getting that done and I was about ready to fall right over because I was so exhausted, so DH, me and the girls decided that instead of cooking, we would order pizza.  All I remember of that evening was having the pizza and falling asleep for a few hours.  DH took all my phones and marched me into my bed, closed the door and that is all I remember before falling asleep.  I got up a few hours later as I knew that we still had to pack the cars, get a shower and start prepping for Sunday. Poor DH was doing whatever could due to what was going on outside of our home.

I don't remember much after I did my signoff to you wonderfully amazing ladies, but the following morning, MOH comes into my room and jumps on the bed and declares that it is wedding day and that we need to get up and get moving.  I believe it was 8 a.m.  We all got up, got dressed, they took showers because I had already had mine at 1 something earlier.  LOL. 

At about 10ish, we left the house in separate cars to get to the venue to start decorating everything.  MOH and decided on the spur of the moment that she wanted to decorate my car, so I did a quick getaway from DH (we were following him) and she and I ran into the drugstore so she should get the window markers to write all over both cars.  After she decorated my car in the parking lot of Rite Aid, we headed over to Dunkin Donuts and got food, coffee, and headed over to the venue.  At almost every stop light that we hit, we were "dancing" in the car and this one man - bless his heart, I still laugh when I think about it - told us that we needed to put more shoulder into our dancing.  LOL.

We got to the venue and that is when all the craziness started happening.  I checked us in to get our bridal suite, couldn't find it at first and DH had to help.  DH also pulled me to the side and said that since we were having an almost traditional Italian wedding that I had to have someone walk me down the aisle.  I have the MOST AMAZING group of people around me because five or six people stepped up and offered to walk me down the aisle, including my aunt and cousin (both of whom are girls).  In the end I selected the best man, since we are the closest with him.  So he got to do double duty that day.  I'm tearing up right now thinking about that moment when I agreed to him. 

Not long after that, hair and makeup started and after that, our photog showed up.  I feel bad for a few people as they got lost coming to our venue.  Their GPS machines could not find it on the map.  How's that for technology.  LOL.

It was so nice especially after the drama going on Saturday with hardly any sleep to finally sit down, be quiet and to be pampered.  I can't tell you how much I laughed and even teared up while getting my hair done.  Next came makeup and that was great.  My MUP, who was also my BM, did a great job!!

After that was done, I sent a text to DH for him to leave the reception room so I could go over and check on what was happening and if anything else needed to be done.  While setting up my Mom's memorial table, we had realized that we had forgotten the candle to put in the vase.  No worries I said, I'll run back to the house and get it, since DH and the guys were setting up the ceremony room.  We then decided since it was a little far away that I would just run to the shopping mall up the street to Home Goods and grab one there.  The girls thought that they should do it, but since noone was familar with the area, I headed out to get the candle.  On the way out, I looked at my cousin and said "Do not tell anyone that I am leaving.  I'll be back in 15 minutes".  So heading over to Home Goods, get out of the car with full makeup, hair and veil on was quite the experience.  The sales lady grabbed my hand, walked me to the candles and then walked me back up to the front of the store where she proceeded to ask the few people in line if it was alright for me to get in front of them since I was getting married in a few hours.  LOL.  Classic. 

After running back and forth from our suite to the reception/ceremony rooms, it was time for pictures of me getting dressed.  This is when I started to lose it a little bit.  I was so emotional that day, partly from exhaustion and partly from the fact that I was FINALLY marrying my best friend.  It was great though putting on my dress and seeing the girls in their dresses and all the hugs and love flying around in our room.  Next we were told that it was time for the ceremony.  I had a total of four people (2 of my bridal party) helping walk down the stairs and across the parking lot to get to where I had to go to wait to be walked down the aisle.  I did stop when we close to the front door of the venue because I saw someone who I knew and I started getting a little anxious.  The next thing I remember is that I was whisked to the side so that noone could see me although that didn't exactly go as planned...a few people came up to me to see how I was doing.  I was given my flowers and we were getting ready to start the ceremony.

The ceremony was absolutely AMAZING.  As soon as I began walking in the room, I saw DH and everyone just faded into the background and I was smiling from ear to ear.  I am not sure if I was walking too fast or such, but whatever, I wanted to get up there and be with my man.  LOL.  The "I Do" vow cards that I made were actually remembered and our minister didn't even recite the vows; he just handed us our cards and we did it that way.  I did make a mistake when saying my vows, but I quickly recovered.  Our ceremony was about 20 minutes and then it was off to our room for some down time before the reception.

We had our own little cocktail hour and then went outside for pictures, which turned out to be a blast.  I cannot wait to see everything that she shot.


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Such a gorgeous wedding day!  I love it!  :)


Your veil looked great with your dress.

You were a beautiful bride and I love how many details you captured!