May 18, 2013


Fur Kid

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This is Hurley.  He is my fur kid.  Sometimes I wish that he was in fact a real kid that could walk and talk.  Then I remember that Hurley likes to eat from the garbage can.  No kid should do that.

Hurley is about 2 years old and I adopted him as a puppy from the Houston SPCA.  He is a terrier mix with the craziest, frizziest fur you'll ever see.  He is truly the most comical dog you'll ever meet.  People say that he's got a huge personality for such a little dog.  Hurley came with the package when Dan and I met and after a few weeks they were bff's.  I swear Hurley likes Dan more than he likes me.  Dan is always doing stuff around the house and Hurley is under his feet at all times.  We like to say that he's "helping."  We love this little guy so much! 

{Hurley aka: Hurls, Hurley Boy, Bad Dog!, Good Boy, Get off the couch!} 

Fur Kid photo 1 Fur Kid photo 2 Fur Kid photo 3

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Awww precious! Hi Hurley!