Dec 11, 2010


must have Vietnamese traditions

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My parents insist that we must have the "Le Vu Quy" and "Thanh Hon" sign in front of the bride and grooms house. Just in case you've never noticed how horrendous those signs look like... just a reminder, they are in my favorite colors (...sarcasm) of bright red and gold with chinese letters or sometimes dragons and the phoenix. I figured since I can't bypass this long and engrained tradition... why not make it into something that I will enjoy and if it comes out ugly I can officially say that I put it upon myself. LOL Just in case you haven't figured out by now... I intend to make that sign myself. How? I dont really know yet. LOL... wish me luck.. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of those signs for er... inspiration?


must have Vietnamese traditions photo 1  must have Vietnamese traditions photo 2

                   must have Vietnamese traditions photo 3

must have Vietnamese traditions photo 4  

Instructions on how to get the template:

Actual Wedding day: As the day came closer, I got busier and didn't have time to make the signs. Our parents ended up renting one. Here are some images from my house.

The front of my husbands house:

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tell me how you will make them... cuz this is interesting =)