Aug 07, 2011



Just a few of my E-pics, We went to a place by my brothers house and found this cute little bridge. I love have a sister in law thats a photographer, and an amazing one at that!


E Pics photo 1        E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3     E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5     E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7     E Pics photo 8E Pics photo 9     E Pics photo 10E Pics photo 11     E Pics photo 12 


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These are probably the BEST e-pics I have ever seen! The two of you look like such a fun couple and the umbrella is such a great touch! P.S. - YOU ARE ROCKING THEM JEANS AND THE BOOTS!!!

Fabulous boots!  I love your pictures.  Congratulations to you and your husband.

Love these pictures in the rain.

Gorgeous E-pics! You're both so in love. =)