Sep 05, 2010


~My Nightmare Before Xmas Cake!!!~

I'm so psyched!!!  My AWESOME Baker posted pix of my AMAZING Nightmare Before Xmas Wedding Cake!!!!! 

Jack's stripes and Sally's stitches made the perfect marriage on this delicious 6 tiered cake filled with all different flavors consisting of chocolate espresso ganache, red velvet, lemon berry, chocolate raspberry and vanilla berry.  The lovely silhouette was handpainted and the GORGEOUS "Wrought Iron" stand was completely handmade and edible!!!  The handmade sugar anemones were the perfect finishing touches to this edible masterpiece! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Check it out =)  What do ya think?! =) 

My Nightmare Before Xmas Cake photo 1

My Nightmare Before Xmas Cake photo 2

My Nightmare Before Xmas Cake photo 3

(7) Comments

Your cake designer rocks this world!

I LOVE NBC and this is an awesome cake! Sooo want it for my Bridal Shower!

luv this.  such a great cake.

THE most amazing cake!!