Aug 28, 2010


Our Story: A Vow Renewal Bride!!

Hello, and welcome to my bio. I am TheChicBride and I am a Vow Renewal bride. Here is my brief Vow Renewal story. :0)

1. In August 2002, DH and I eloped at the county courthouse.

2. On August 28, 2010, we renewed our vows on our 8th yr wedding anniversary.

3. Couture Bridal Fashion Shoot: 2013 or 2014


Live, Love and Sparkle!!



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ps. Congrats on renewal && super Congrats on the 2nd renewal to be - i SO wish i could do a renewal every 5 years, wouldn't that be something! XoXo, Merc

M, how did I know I would find you on here - I'm back!!!  I didn't even get to do my CoValidation, I ended up having 2 more kids!!! But I do have the joy of helping my cousin... write me back!!! XoXo, Merc