Jul 03, 2010


Dress, Rings, & More Pretty Things!

On 10/24/10 I met with a friend for an informal, fun detail shoot!  I know I have a bazillion pictures already, but felt I was missing a few details & she was nice enough to take them for me :)















Photos courtesy of


Some DIY shots :)







Detail Inspiration 2    Detail Inspiration
  PW Sources: Dreaday, Kaytana17, AnnaBananaShenanigans, Pwani20 (candle pic)

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Oh wow! Your so creative. i also thought my photographer missed a few details.

It's all so pretty, all those details. I can't imagine how much time and effort you must've put in getting this all together.

That's AWESOME!!!! You're friend is really really good! I love the idea of a shoot to catch some of the pics you didn't get to get. Great idea. I'm going to see if I can talk DH into this! LOL! 

Love your dress and ring shots!! :) What amazing pics!