Nov 14, 2012


All for "The Cake"!

Here a few cakes that I just loved; any opinions? Please comment!

All for The Cake photo 1 Not so crazy about it.....


        luv luv the texture-->                              All for The Cake photo 2


All for The Cake photo 3Not quite sure about the dark color, perhaps a lighter shade?


I love this one, very modern!   All for The Cake photo 4


All for The Cake photo 5This one killed me!!!! but how would we cut it? Its just so lovely!


(2) Comments

I just love the feel of the whole theme, just feels so warm, "almost xmas and everyone is just soo excited" feel, that's what Im going for; that what this wedding is to me, like we are at this great time and we are headed for something even better!

They're gorgeous!!! I love the fall colors.