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Me and my Baby



Alex and Alanna aka "The Menkins"
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How We Met:
Its 11pm, I'm sleeping, it's pouring rain, when I receive a phone call from a good friend.
(Friend)Alanna, are you awake?
(Me)I am now.
(Friend)Listen I know it's late, I'm sorry for waking you, but I need your help.
(Me)Sure, Whats the matter?
(Friend)Nothings the matter, but you remember that guy I was telling you about?
(Friend)Well we made plans to go out tonight, I know you’re far, but I have no one to go with around here, and I just found out he's bringing friends. Please please PLEASE come out with me. I need you to distract his friends so I can get to know this guy better.
So despite the rain, the time and the distance (45 mins) I rolled out of bed, jumped in the shower, threw something on and headed on my way. Who knew that would be the night I would meet the man with which I would spend the rest of my life. Ironically he had the same job as me. The 2 of us, employed by our best friends to "take one for the team". 5 years and 1, very special ring later, we're getting married =o) 
How He Proposed
Well apparently I was the only one left in the dark about this. He asked my father for my hand about 2 months before popping the question. It must have been hell for my parents to keep it a secret. After he asked my father for my hand he began looking for the ring. He ended up buying the stone (and might I add, WHAT A STONE!) and had the setting custom made (he designed it, It's perfect, beautiful). He told me he wanted me to have something special and unique, like me =sniff sniff= =}. So anyway back to the proposal. He arranged for us to spend the weekend at Camelback Mountain. A mini get away and snowboarding trip for just the two of us. Well he had no idea when to propose or how he was going to do it. The perfect moment arrived when we were just finishing up one of the runs...somehow I lost speed on a very flat spot and got stuck. Well I thought it would be a good idea to hop over to the chain link fence and pull myself the rest of the way, in a crazy attempt to try and pick up speed again. So I'm pulling and pulling, when all of a sudden the fence caves in. So now picture me, my board tilted on its side, I'm hanging onto the fence for dear life, I can't stop laughing and screaming for help. The whole time my boyfriend was sitting on the snow waiting for me and laughing at this, straight out of comedy, movie scene...only me lol (I was in no real danger). He screams at me to hop over, so I break free from the fence and hop to him. I plop down on the snow next to him, we're both hysterical laughing and he reaches into his jacket, pulls out the ring asks for my hand in marriage.... I was so in shock. Needless to say I said least 20 times, it was as if I forgot the rest of my vocabulary, then I cried a little, tackled him and kissed him, after witch he asked me if I wanted to put the ring on lol and he slipped it onto my finger. I was a nervous wreck snowboarding with that rock on my hand for the rest of the day....but what a day =o) 02/01/2007 and that’s our story. 
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Photos don’t do it justice…
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 About Us
What can I say we're big dorks =). We love to have fun, and we don't care whose watching. I'm an artist; I graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC.

I sell my work in galleries, to collectors and art buffs alike.

My FI is a network administrator. He works with computers and hes very handy =) 

Color Scheme
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The invitations were one of my many DIY projects.
I wanted something different, something truly unique and since I'm having a beach wedding, this is what I came up with.

We Did It!! =oD
Well we are back from the most magical amazing wedding ever!! Things happened on this trip that I never thought possible. I can honestly say that this wedding brought everyone closer then they have ever been. I couldn't have asked for a better day...strike that, a better week =) Some Photos

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It rained in the afternoon and cleared up just before the ceremony reveling this beautiful rainbow, that ends on our hotel room. 2blessings from above =)

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My parents making a speech =)


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My DIY GuestbookInstead of a 'book" I made these tags. Each one was dyed with coffee, once dry I hand embossed each one and adorned them with a small shell. I figured they would be easier to pack for a DW. I plan on scrap booking them into a book with photos and drawings and other things.


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Jamaican Flag Yamakas/b>To all my Jews CHALLA!! We had these Jamacian Flag colored yamakas made by a local woman for the ceremony.
They added a funky fun feeling,

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The dress was A frame, but I had it altered so that the front was more streamlined and slim.

The back was pulled back to create a small bustled train. We attached a broach to give the dress a more finished look as well as add a bit of detail. I wanted a simple dress in Dupioni silk and I got it. This was perfect for my laid back beach wedding.s
About Us
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