Sep 16, 2012

I am from South Carolina and love all things weddings.

Jewish and Christian Tradtions Combined

I plan to combine Jewish and Christian traditions in my wedding.  I will be signing a messianic ketubah (a wedding contract) in a signing ceremony meant for very close friends and family only which will take place before the wedding ceremony.  As is customary in a Jewish wedding, I plan to have the groom walk down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding processional with his parents.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen will follow and then I will walk down with my mother, since my father has passed away.  The tradition of the parents walking their children down the aisle to get married is really wonderful and meaningful.  We will be married under a chuppah (jewish wedding structure that symbolizes God being the head of the marriage.)  We will light a unity candle.  This is a Christian tradition that symbolizes that the bride and groom are leaving their parents and coming together to marry and create a family.  In Jewish tradition when you pray you have a prayer shawl cover your head as a sign of reverance to God.  At the end of the ceremony when we ask the guests to pray for us and as we pray as a couple together we will have a prayer shawl cover the two of us together.

I love making a wedding ceremony special to the bride and groom.  Taking elements that are special to each of them and creating something that isn't cookie cutter.  After all, each couple is unique and special.  Why make your wedding ceremony the same as everyone else?


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I love this blended ceremony. it is a wonderful way to respect both families traditions and create a new family at the same time :)

Your blending of traditions is lovely...sacred and unifying.  Best Wishes!!