Sep 29, 2012



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we're getting married in boston sometime in fall 2012. we live in LA so i want to give myself (and everyone else) a lot of time to plan. our family and friends are coming from everywhere: LA, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. i thought it would be easier to have people fly into the city and stay there than travel to my hometown, which is about 30 minutes outside boston. we don't have a date or anything yet, but we're looking at venues now. FI is cool with a boston wedding, even though he's from new york. and a yankee fan! but we won't hold that against him.  :)

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Another Boston bride! Good luck planning!

Go Sox!! Can't wait to see your plans unfold!

Yay for a Boston wedding!!!  Let me know if you run into any questions while looking at venues, I am obsessive and saw almost all of the ones in the city during my hunt!