Aug 14, 2010


::PDub Honors::

3.12.11: OMG! One of the highest honors one could hope to receive on PDub is Bio of the Week or BOTW. This week, I got that honor! I couldn't feel more blessed to have been chosen to be among the beautiful weddings! I now have all 15 bades (including my extra badge below!) 
Here is my congratulatory post! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to our super cool Avatar Halloween costumes, DH and I won the PDub Couples Costume contest!! So here's my extra badge!

                                    My EXTRA Badge photo 1

Our costumes:



UPDATE!!: October 2011, I won another Halloween badge! This time, I won the Funniest Costume. I did my best to portray Snooki (from Jersey Shore). So here's my newest badge!


My costume: 


I have to favorite badge of Pink Heart!!

pink heart

I'm a PDub Hostess!! Let me know if you have any questions for me!! :D

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Awww!! Cute!!  Congrats!!!!

Congrats!!  Very well deserved :)