Sep 27, 1994


Help Children Learn to see and luxuriate

Reading is a good power and will unleash experience of a plethora of books on general topics as well as fascinating fictional books. Reading is the greatest of way of understanding and is an essential daily requirement for everyday work along with studies. Your brain of the toddler is like a sponge that grasps everything it is encountered with. It is stated the grasping strength of a young child reaches its peak from age 4 to 9 when he/she is confronted with a range of sounds, phonics, lphabets, numbers, symbols and then words, lines and whole articles or books of text. A child first picks up the how to go about speaking by listening and watching people round her speak. By imitating lip movement and sound inflexions. She is capable of recreate words and phonics. Then , we visit the main learning progression of all- understanding how to read in kids. Making feeling of an itemized form ,identifying it and repeating it correctly is really a major achievement within a child’s mental growth. A mother or father, caregiver or teacher can promote this learning progression with the little one, helping her read from toy blocks, pictures, charts, flash cards, story books and in many cases reading aloud from newspaper, TV headlines, Store Nameplates, Advertisement boards. Basically words can be viewed everywhere, make the art of identifying each alphabet, joining in a word and speaking it aloud a fun game and nurture her interest without which makes it tedious or demanding.

As her language skill grows, improve the complexity of words read by her, initially permit her to breakdown words into phonics she know, later help her combine multiple sounds to pronounce bigger words. Reading comfortably will give her confidence which help her identify things well by reading labels. Watch her benefit from the wonderful whole world of amazing books for children as she indulges in their favorite hobby-Reading. Finding out how to read can be a challenge for kids who are uncomfortable with alphabets and words so follow these simple measures and teach your youngster the way to read and luxuriate in it:
? Read aloud to her. Make her start to see the book and follow your reading.
? Ask her questions and identify alphabets, words and labels. Make it a game and praise her when she's right.
? Demonstrate to her that reading is a good hobby by involving in it before her. Sit together with her and focus books which you love and let her know animated stories about this to further improve her interest.
? Play in the Name it game. Make reading words on road signs, store fronts, billboards , magazines, everyday items while shopping etc. a fun game. It's going to make reading in natural settings a snug habit and enjoyable pastime to be with her.
? Use alphabets in drawing and craftwork. Make your youngster draw alphabets, paint them, create them playdough or glitter and maybe even by arranging toys.

Picture books are ideal for this activity since the pictures capture her attention that assist her understand pictographically this is of words

With focused effort, teaching understanding how to read into a child can be fun in addition to rewarding.

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