Dec 11, 2010


centerpiece inspiration

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centerpiece inspiration photo 1

I love the base in this picture. I hope a light blue and brown ribbon would as good.

centerpiece inspiration photo 2

  centerpiece inspiration photo 1


Below are my depressing mock ups of my centerpiece. I initially wanted a big ball of flowers and hanging crystals. So the first picture is of a tall centerpiece about 16 inches tall with 5 stems of white hydrangeas and half a dozen of pink freedom roses. After much debate I have decided to use manzanita branches instead. So the second picture is of the manzanita branches. At first I only wanted to use manzanita branches for the church ceremony but after my dad offered to help make the box/vases I changed my mind. My dad was soo excited to be able to help with the containers that I decided to let him make all 40 containers for our centerpieces. The mock was not painted but was covered in satin cloth and the hanging crystals were acrylic not glass. All the flowers/orchids on the manananita centerpiece are silk. Our actual centerpiece will be painted a light blue for the container and we will be using real glass crystals and flowers. I am also debating if I want to use phalaenopsis orchids vs cymbidium orchids. As of right now, I'm hoping to get white orchids.



My dad and father in law did a wonderful job on our centerpieces. Without them, I would have spent at least $45 on each centerpiece. I was quoted way more by local florists. My dad converted his truck so that we could transport all 40 centerpieces safely to my venue.








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Kimba, you did a great job on both mock ups! I want the big ball of flowers centerpieces too! I think that's what I'll be doing.