Dec 11, 2010


edible wedding favors

After much debate, I am considering having chocolate dipped fortune cookies as favors. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted something edible for wedding favors. I have been to many weddings and have never really cared for many of the favors. I've gotten collections of candles, soaps, candy, little ornaments, mints, etc. In my opinion the best favor is something edible. I thought about doing hot chocolate cones as favors but have changed my mind since my table will be so crowded. We are having a 10 course meal so we have the centerpiece, alcohol, soda, ice, bowls, and who knows what else on the table at the beginning so adding a larger wedding favor on the table will only crowd it even more. I then came across the fortune cookie favor on a website.

edible wedding favors photo 1

My sister in law wanted to give us a gift for our wedding so she volunteered to make bride and groom fortune cookies for us. She volunteered herself, her friends from school, and her cousins. She told them there was a "party" Here is a picture of what was going on after 20 hours of labor by about 20 factory workers ... er.. I mean.... cousins and friends. LOL

I don't have a complete picture of our favorsyet. We had bride and groom fortune cookies wrapped in clear bags. I guess someone ate the bride and the groom was the only one left. LOL.

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