Jun 19, 1989


Art Framing: Why Your Mat Color Matters

The frame itself is only part of the consideration with regards to displaying your work or those of others. The most important factors of art framing is making certain you select the right color mat for the painting. In the event the painting isn't going to stretch to full the complete frame, you need to take into consideration just what the background will look like. Color is a large part of that. The right color can make your painting spark with life, as the wrong one will make perhaps the best painting look like an eyesore. Here are a few considerations.

Light and Dark
Be sure to consider the color of your walls into account when selecting your mat. A dark mat will be noticeable in contrast to white walls, and the same holds true for your opposite. If you match dark to dark, however, you can end up which has a painting which simply blends in to the wall. Unless that is the effect you're going for, you want to consider starting a contrast. It doesn't need to be stark, but you'll want a delineation. While those experienced in art framing can start experimenting with all of the colors of the rainbow, it's best for newbies to start with grayscale, since these allows the piece to speak by itself.

Matching Colors
If you put on a couple of blue pants, you won't want to placed on an orange shirt. You want to wear an outfit which fits, without drowning within a monotone color system. The same holds true in relation to art framing. If you are gonna exceed grayscale, neutral colors, you need to make sure you are matching not only the painting, but the walls. It doesn't should be overt, however you should make there is not going to certainly be a mismatch that will hurt your eyes. It is also not economical for travel in an attempt to outdo the painting itself. You wouldn't like a mat color which will outshine the colors inside the piece.

Have got gotten the essential fundamentals down, feel free to experiment and possess some fun. Art framing shouldn't stifle your creativity. You should find ways to work within the basic guidelines while still expressing yourself. In the event you work with an above average shop, you will discover a huge selection of ideas that you could not have thought of by yourself. Use their expertise and wisdom to make sure your paintings are displayed within the best possible way.

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