Oct 23, 2010


RECAP!! (Part 2)

THE BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy &*#(, it's my WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, it's did it get here so fast!??!  :P

So the morning of my wedding day, I woke up at 6am...probably only sleeping for 3 hours!  Gretchen thankfully stayed with me that night.  I hopped in the shower, watched the Weather Channel and tried to eat a little breakfast before the nail lady showed up at 8am.  I remember being in the shower, just trying to breathe and let everything sink in!

8am the nail lady showed up, and let's just say she was my least favorite vendor.  New Age music and NO option for French manicure!?  WTF?!  :(  SO sad about that...but oh well.  The hair and makeup girls were AMAZING and I can't say it enough!  I love those gals!!  Thanks, Appease!!!!

My Mom and my BM Kari were the only two who got their makeup and hair done with me.  Gretchen was there for most of the getting-ready, and Grandma Linda came in to take a few photos since our photographer was just meeting us at the church.  Kathryn came in to hang with us for a while...then Annie came in later, and Anna was the last one to show up.

The morning was pretty much a blur...except for us watching and praying over the Weather Channel.  The stress from the 70% chance of thunderstorms was starting to lessen...even though it was raining, all we could do now is enjoy it and embrass it, right?!  :/

I got my dress on with the help of my fabulous girls, especially Anna who was the one who watched the dress shop do it for me at my last fitting!  The only moment I almost cried was when I got a glimpse of myself in the about SURREAL.  Who the heck is that!?!?  oh my GOD it's ME...wearing a wedding dress...going to get MARRIED!!!!

We were only 5 minutes late getting downstairs, which was awesome for me because I am usually 15 minutes before schedule and make everyone wait!  Ha!  We decided to just take cabs since it was raining. 

WOW.  Coming downstairs was again a surreal moment.  Seeing everyone all dressed up, waiting for us...totally a crazy vision!  Everyone clapped while I stepped outside and people escorted me to the cab, umbrellas in hand!  And we're off to the church! were still early!  Haaaa...oh well, I'd rather be early than late!!!  Kari waited with me in the cab until the girls found someone to unlock the side door.  It was still sprinkling so we ran into the church!  Only 40 minutes until I walked down the aisle...what should we do until then!?  Oh wait...nothing because it flew by!  Maggie came down to meet us, then my Aunt Barb and cousins came down, then my Aunts and Uncle came down, then my step-sisters and step-mom showed up, then...yep, it was nuts!  This was when Gretchen and Kari had to help me go to the bathroom...and Gretchen's sister opened the door on us...luckily she couldn't even see me because my dress was up around me and I was facing the other way!  LOL!  :D

Time to line up...Dad came down and you could tell he was nervous.  ;)  It was all so weird...I just went with the flow because it was just so surreal!  Yep, I said it again!  SURREAL!!!!!!!!!!!

The second time I almost cried was when I walked up the stairs, saw everyone lined up...and heard the beautiful music!  The voice, the piano, the violin...gorgeous!  My girls turned to smile, and my dad was choking back the'm getting married!

There goes Shawn's mom...then my step-mom...then my mom...then my girls...and's my turn. 

The doors opened, and all I saw was the floor!  I looked up for a split second and saw all of our guests turned towards me and my dad, snapping pictures...eeeek!  I got SO nervous!  I didn't know where to look!  I asked my dad, he didn't know either!  Eeek!

Whew...we made it to Shawn and Father John!  Dad gave my arm to Shawn, and we carefully walked up to the was an awesome moment to look out on the bridal party and our guests.  Again...surreal!!!!

The ceremony was so amazing...Father John calmed me down, and I didn't even cry!  WELL, I did tear up a few times, but I'm pretty proud I didn't bawl!  Everything went perfect...Pat, Mary Gail and Brendan (our readers!) did awesome...Ave Maria was gorgeous...and our kiss was cute!  ha!

Tada!!!  We're MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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