Oct 23, 2010


RECAP!! (Part 3)

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The Pictures and Reception!

After our ceremony, we walked out of the church...and it was NOT raining!  The Lord heard our prayers!!  The Weather Channel DID predict that it would not rain from 2-5pm, right when we were out and about taking our pictures...and they were RIGHT!  :D

The bridal party, Father John and the photographers all boarded the trolley...and off to a few cool stops in Chicgao!  We hit Olive Park, LaSalle Street (near the Board of Trade), Michigan Avenue (where the sun started to shine!), and ended in Wrigleyville, going to the rooftop of Murphy's Bleachers and the front of Wrigley Field!  YAY!!  We were celebraties, having a few people ask to get their picture taken with us!  LOL!  It was so crazy walking around the city all dressed up...and we were not alone, lots of bridal parties were out that day!!  :)

Off to our reception...we couldn't wait...time to party!!  We got to eat a few bites of our appetizers before we all were announced.  YUM...potato skins and baked mac and cheese...makes me hungry just thinking about them!

No one knew but we had bought jerseys to wear when we were announced...hehe!  That was so fun!!  The bridal party and parents were introduced to "Dakota" by Stereophonics.  Yay!  So cool to hear it while we were waiting.  It was such a cool moment when we finally were announced....MR. & MRS. SHAWNY MAC!!!!!  LOL!  The DJ was great, made a re-mix with Red Sox and Cubs songs, then we did a little dance to "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits.  So fun!

Next was our first dance..."In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.  Awesome.  I was doing so GREAT all day...but I got a few tears during our first dance.  Loved it...except my MOH (or anyone for that matter) didn't bustle me!  Bummer. 

Someone finally got me bustled, lol, and next was father-daughter dance! much for doing so great...I bawled.  :P  We danced to "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King, because I remember on his weekends (parents are divorced), we'd listen to that soundtrack in his truck.  :)  Good times good times.

After that we had the blessing, which was done by Shawn's Auntie Sheila on a whim...since Father John had to leave to get back for Mass on Sunday.  So sad to see him leave!  BUT Auntie Sheila did an amazing job.  :)  Then we got to eat yummmmmy food...Irish Stew, Chicken, Potatoes, Cabbage, and Bread.  OMG...SOOOOO good!  It was a hit with everyone!!

After we ate we got up to talk to each table...that was great because we got to see people we didn't get to at the ceremony.  Never enough time, but we knew if we took longer we'd still be at the reception right now!  It was so overwhelming to see all these people there...for US. 

Once we got to talk to everyone, we went back to do the groom's and maid of honor's speeches (Gretchen got the champaign and Shane got the Guinness toast!)...very nice moment!!  That's when I wished we had a videographer, but I know the pictures capture the moment.

Time to cut the cupcakes!!!!!!  WOhooooo!  It was pretty funny how everyone kept asking about them even before dinner!  OMG.  We definitey made the right decisions...Boston Cream Pie, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla w/ chocolate frosting, and Chocolate w/ vanilla frosting.  YAY!  Shawn and I had bigger ones, and we actually fed eachother BOTH!!  Too bad we lost them after that...we didn't even get to finish.  :(

Time to mingle and DANCE!!  We did the bridal party dance to "I Gotta Feeling" to start the night off!  And honestly...we didn't look back...we danced the night away!  We had a few shout-outs (one to Lobster, one to my step-dad - "She's A Lady") was great!  We all had an amazing time, and we heard awesome feedback from everyone.....I wish the night didn't have to end!!

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