Jan 15, 2011


Must Have Photos

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I'm not a stickler on what shots I absolutely want, but of course, I want the most important things caught on camera.  Here's my little list:

1.  Bride entering Church with her Dad

2.  Bride and Groom kneeling at the Altar

3.  Bride and Groom placing rings on each other

4.  First kiss as married couple

5.  Bride with Bridesmaids

6.  Groom with Groomsmen

7.  Bride and Groom with Bridal Party

8.  Bride with parents, Groom with parents

9.  Bride and Groom with both sets of parents

10.  Bride and Groom with all Padrinos

11.  First Dance, Father-daughter dance

12.  Lots of action shots of guests and couple

13.  The little details:  the cakes, the decorations, the room step up, etc.


Other inspiration photos:

Must Have Photos photo 1  (Of course, the most famous one on PW)

Must Have Photos photo 2  Must Have Photos photo 3

These two are from  They are actually pictures of couples in the church we are getting married at.  Look how beautiful they turned out!

Must Have Photos photo 4

I'm not quite sure where I got this photo (so if it's yours, please let me know).  I thought this picture was cute because we are having our reception at the beach.  I think it would be fun to reinact the Corona commercial.  :-)

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