Jun 12, 2010


♥ Bio of the Week ♥

(Page idea stolen from Mrs.ABC :D)


You know.. I'll be honest... I am blown away with getting nominated for BOTW!  And I really didn't think I'd be as giddy as I am!  It's like being nominated for Prom Queen or something! HA HA! :)

PW is one of my most favorite places to visit.. Even if it's only virtual.. :)

And being BOTW just proves it because of all the love I am receiving from all of the lovely members apart of this community!  It makes me smile!!!! :)


 ♥ Bio of the Week ♥ photo 1


Hopefully you can read the little description here :)  It's actually one thing I always looked forward to reading if I was to ever be BOTW.  It's amazing how someone can write such beautiful words about my wedding, no matter how offbeat it was :) :) :)

(November 18th - November 24th)



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Congrats! Awesome!

This was def well deserved!!! I just love everything about your wedding! Congrats!!!

Well deserved BOTW!!

YAAAY!! :) You go girl!! Well deserved BOTW!! :D