Sep 05, 2010


The Infamous Cake Core

If you aren't aware, my DH is a fireman for LA City. It is a long standing tradition to "core" the cake when it comes to a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, engagement, blah blah all those things that we consider special. A couple of the firemen will go over to the cake and have a few stand in front of it to block one person. That one person takes a champagne glass, a wine goblet, a water glass, a bowl, a spoon, or whatever they can get their hands on and SHOVES it in the cake. They then remove whatever it is that was used to create the hole and abandon it at the celebrant's seat with the piece of the cake that was removed.

Our wedding cake was not spared. It was cored within minutes of the guests entering the reception room. After our first dance, we sat down at our table and 2 of DH's best firemen buddies came up to congratulate us. After I gave them both a hug, I sat back down and saw the champagne flute at my seat that was filled with the cake. Then when the guys were walking away, they yelled back "THE CAKE WAS DELICIOUS!"

Those silly firemen!!

Here are some shots of the cake with the hole in it. Our photog tried to cover it with a rose petal and then placed our rings on it to take some pics. That's why there is a rose petal in the hole.


The Infamous Cake Core photo 1  The Infamous Cake Core photo 2


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love this story!

I think that is so cool.  They are silly but what a great story!

i think little traditions like these make a wedding extra meaningful!!

Those guys are crazy! I mean, why not take the core from the back of the cake. is a great story though. tee hee hee..they really got you. ctm (chuckling to myself - yes I made it up...and?! ::smile::)