Oct 10, 2010

I'm a Florida transplant who moved back up north and found the love of my life, Eric!!

DIY Mania

I was not planning on doing too many DIY projects, but that all changed after I came to PW and saw all the wonderful inspiration ideas from so many of our talented PW brides.

Not in any specific order:

Our CP - total of 11.  These were each painted by myself.  I used acrylic paints after tracing pictures on to the vases.  These vases were purchased at Wal-Mart.


DIY Mania photo 1        DIY Mania photo 2


One side was decorated with leaves, acorns, etc.  The other side was decorated with our monogram from our invites.  We also decorated a few of them with the saying "Fall In Love".  We put sand inside of the vases, along with some river rocks, decorative acorns and some wood chips.

We gave these out to our guests after a fun game called "The Napkin Game".  I've put a call into our DJ to get all the details so that I can share it with you ladies.

Around each of these bigger vases, we placed four square votive holders filled with river rocks and a scented candle.  The outside of the votive holders had an brown organza ribbon wrapped around it with a leaf cutout.


              DIY Mania photo 3

Here is a pic that our very own PW'er amberv took of her table.                    

                               DIY Mania photo 4


Since I started with the tables, I also made our table numbers.  When we went to the venue, the one thing besides the plates (which I could not ultimately do anything about due to cost), was the really not so nice table numbers that they had for us to use.  So, rather than settling on that, I went to AC Moore and got wooden frames and made our own.

DIY Mania photo 3 

These were originally just plain wooden frames. It took about 3 coats of brown sparkle paint (bought at Michaels) because of the see-through component of the paint. 

DH created the numbers in word, printed them out on cardstock and cut each one. 

We put them in the frames and then cut plastic to cover the numbers.

DIY Mania photo 4 

To protect the paint and to try not to get any "dings" in the paint, I used a clear coat, painting two coats on each one. 

  DIY Mania photo 5

After the clear coat was added and dried completely, I got my trusty glue gun and fabric leaves, and glued each one around the frame (gluing them on the back of each frame).

I also purchased a container of paper leaves from AC Moore and glued them on the bottom of the frame in the middle just as an extra touch.


                            FINISHED PRODUCT (I am so thrilled with how these came out).

                               DIY Mania photo 6


OUR BAR SIGNS (idea from our very own plumcrush01 - Thanks Mel!!) 

I again started with a plain wooden frame purchased at AC Moore.  I painted each one a different color, created the sign and printed it out on cardstock, and DH created a cover for it.  We painted over a clear coat to create a shine and then hot glued the leaves.


DIY Mania photo 7        DIY Mania photo 8


DH's BIG project was our aisle runner and I'm so in love with not only him (lol), but how he created the vision that was in my head was AMAZING!!

                             DIY Mania photo 9

He took fabric paint and after tracing the monogram from our invites, placed the aisle runner on top of the tracing and went to town painting.  For an additional touch, I hot glued the leaves on all four corners of the monogram to make it a little prettier. 

We also made programs and ribbon wands (although the length of them I believe should have been longer, but oh well). For the programs, I bought paper with a design on the front and created it in Microsoft Word. 

DIY Mania photo 10   DIY Mania photo 11

This was a pretty easy DIY, we just rolled them and tied them with a brown ribbon.

DIY Mania photo 12 Completed project

I also made a basket to place the programs in. 

I got an "bushel" basket at AC Moore and really did not do too much to it other than paint a few areas of it brown and then attach leaves to the center of the basket.

DIY Mania photo 13  DIY Mania photo 14

         DIY Mania photo 15 Finished product.



DIY Mania photo 16     DIY Mania photo 17






These are in action at our table. 



This was definitely an inspiration from plumcrush01.  Thanks Mel!!



This has to be one of my top three DIY projects.  I'm writing up the instructions and will be posting them up shortly.

Completed at last.                                        This is the card box in action.


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I wish I was more of a DIY bride

WOW! You are one crafty girl!! Love your DIYs!

These are all so awesome, but I am definitely pointing my good friend and fall bride-to-be to your table numbers!!

DIY Mania photo 6 Lovely!

Wow Becca! These are fantastic! I love the vases, the cardbox and the bushel basket! You did an incredible job lady!