Dec 18, 2010


~ Interesting little details ~

Here are some of the elements we are incorporating into the wedding. They are just some of the elemnts that i love! iF ANY OF THESE PICS ARE YOURS - PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO i CAN CREDIT YOU!

Can't wait to set these balloons off as wishes in the sky! So gorgeous! Interesting little details photo 1


I got an old vintage birdcage online - it's going to look lovely on the pressie table! Interesting little details photo 2

We are having chinese lanterns hanging from the roof during our ceremonyInteresting little details photo 3



Interesting little details photo 4I am wrapping all my candles in lace for to complete the vintage look


Interesting little details photo 5Getting everyone to write wishes and favourite memories of the couple (us!!) and hang them up in the garden. I will later scrapbook them with some wedding pics!



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