May 14, 2011


BM Gifts

So I bought these little wristlet/purse thingies for $9 on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Noonew?ref=seller_info

(I only got them for 4 of the girls)

BM Gifts photo 1BM Gifts photo 2

BM Gifts photo 3BM Gifts photo 4


Then I got my MOH her own design (she loves matryoshka dolls) from another seller on etsy for only $10:


BM Gifts photo 5

Then for my last BM, she is a flashy girl, so I had to get her something a little flashier. It was $3 on eBay!!

But I can't show the pic because eBay doesn't allow me to do it :(


**I plan on filling it with the monogram purse holders that I bought, and then with the jewelry my mom is making. (And I'm paying for their hair on my wedding day.)

BM Gifts photo 6 Source

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love the wristlets!so fun!

I love those purses! x