Jul 15, 2011


Bridesmaid Dresses

All of the dresses will be ivory with coral where the black is in the pics, each girl can pick her style...My sis, the MOH will wear the all coral dress!

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 3 Bridesmaid Dresses photo 5Bridesmaid Dresses photo 7 

      <------This is my mini me's (Junior Bridesmaid) dress...she picked it out for herself!

This is the look!


Lastly, my Bonus Baby (daughter, I hate the words step daughter) will be this.

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I love the color and I'm with you I can't stand the word step daughter or son either his child is mine too and I treat her that way too where did you fine her dress

Very pretty. 


love the coral color! ps your baby is adorable:)