Oct 10, 2010




This day went by so fast. I still can't believe it's over. Well, I'm going to make this recap on the short side because it's a lot of details to post here. Anyhow, we stayed up really late and got up really early. We had to set up the venue first and thanks to a lot of friends and relatives, we were able to get everything done. My poor FI (now husband) was so exhausted but everything turned out amazing. There were a few details that didn't go how I wanted but overall it went off without a hitch. Some major highlights for me was seeing everything for the first time and just being amazed at how my vision was realized, our cake, our surprise dance, and seeing friends and family who flew in to celebrate with us. Some non-highlights, or things I wish were different, having more time for pictures and video, the DJ mispronouncing our last name, the catering company making noise during some of the ceremony, the big fans we had to turn on because of the heat, and me crying the whole way down the aisle. I so didn't expect to cry at all but when I was at the end of the aisle and I saw how amazing everything turned out, I just became overwhelmed and it was thanks in large part to the man I was about to marry. Everybody loved the wedding and said that it was the most beautiful wedding they've been to. I think it's because we put a lot of our own talents and a lot of love into it. Everything from the ceremony to the littlest details had our stamp on it and was very personal to us.

It is very true what they say in that this day goes by so fast and it was very easy to lose track of what was really important. That's why even though there were a few things that didn't go the way I had planned, to me it was still a perfect day and I was sad to see it go by so fast but very happy and thankful to have such love surrounding the celebration.





PRO SNEAK - a few of my favorites

Photos by Erica Berger (please do not use photos without proper sourcing)



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Not only did you have a gorgeous wedding...but your photographer did a spectacular job! I love the different types of photos that were captured. You were a stunning bride!
Love your pics :)))

What a beautiful and fun looking wedding!

Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking.  You were a stunning bride!