Mar 24, 2011


::DIY Central::

Here's pics of my DIY projects that I've completed (and have pics of!) Please let me know if you'd like to know how to create any of them. :)

DIY Hair Flower (instructions available here)

DIY Central photo 1DIY Central photo 2

DIY Beaded Mens' Necklaces

DIY Central photo 3

DIY Bridal Jewelry Suite (incl. earrings, bracelet, foot thong)

DIY Central photo 4

DIY Bridesmaid and Flower Girl fans

    DIY Central photo 5                                DIY Central photo 6                                            DIY Central photo 7

DIY Passport Invitations

DIY Central photo 8

DIY Central photo 9

(7) Comments

You are incredibly talented and created. Everything looks really great! Congratulations to you !

Everything looks awesome- I adore the BM fans and your foot thong, soooo cute!!

Love the fans!  Those would be great for other things too.

Great job!