Jul 20, 1990


'Vendor Management' - answer to good Pro

In our Corporate scenario a lot of my fellow colleagues quite often get confused thinking what role is to be played by them to be the better easily fit in the business. I think within the Facilities management discipline it ought to often be considered that the first of all skill required is 'Vendor Management'. You have to deal with lots of vendors you start with the main Housekeeping & Facilities vendor providing cleaning and office upkeed services, Pantry vendor, Transport / logistics vendor, civil contractor for repairs and maintenance, electricians for DG & HVAC maintenance, facade cleaning vendor, vendor for drinking water supply, vendor for office stationery items supply etc. etc. The essence of excellent vendor management is to find clear understanding of the Scope at work / SLA i.e. Service level agreement immediately after the acquisition Order (P.O.) or even the Service order (S.O.) is disseminated through the Logistics Management Dept (SCM) or even the commercial dept.

If you have any anomaly or mistake inside the SLA / SOW inside the P.O. or the S.O. it ought to be escalated immediately towards the SCM dept. before it gets accepted from the vendor as well as the contract is formalized. Also the vendor ought to be taken into confidence and also the Facility Manager should again sit throughout the table with all the vendor to mutually discuss the SLA. A number of my colleague sounds sceptical after reading the content above -mentioned saying that this is actually the work from the SCM

However i would disagree together and ask for these to be sensitive for the vendor and treat him being a partner. Naturally we all run to do the job it relates to vendor also. Maybe within the interest of having an order from your Company the seller has completely overlooked some clauses of the SLA which he / she is probably not able to meet. Remember after the PO roughly is distributed the Commercial dept. is not going to consider the onus on themselves - you and also you only that has to deal with the burnt for your full FY / or the duration of the PO.

Next, if the above - mentioned are in place or dealt with be strict and adhere towards the SOW and SLA - do not let any deviation in the Scope of labor or SLA; It's the art of vendor management to obtain the most effective services from the vendor. Regular monitoring of SLA and regular communication with all the vendor is the key mantra to achieve this. Last but not minimal make vendor payments punctually. Often be proactive to get the vendor payments cleared as soon as possible. Remember that a cheerful vendor can make your daily life hassle free!

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