Jul 29, 2011


The Proposal

I am engaged since September 16th 2010!!! Ben put the ring on at our first trip together to the Philippines ...

After a few very very exhausting days with my family in Manila we enjoyed a few days on Palawan - we arrived at our private paradise ( One night after dinner he took me to the beach to a wooden hut. We drank an awful cocktail ha ha as he popped a little black box. It was a wonderful ring! He said two short sentences and then he asked me to marry him :)

Later this evening we were singing karaoke. Together! It was his first time. I think he was very confused!

Here is a picture of our "House of Love"!

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 So gorgeous!!

I love that picture at sunset!! congrats

So sweet :)

Such a pretty ring!! And I LOVE that picture of you guys looking at the sunset :) gorgeous!!