Jul 29, 2011


The Venue

We're getting married in Hamburg on July 29th 2011 and the ceremony is on July 30th 2011. In Germany we have to marry in a civil ceremony first. So we will do a symbolic ceremony with our friends and family one day later.

Here are some pictures of our reception venue. I´m a little bit sad because I think the venue is too small for 90 guests...


I bought 20 candlebags (Luminaria) from ebay.  We want to put a glass with a candle in it and put them left and right down the stairs in the entrance to make sure that the guests will find the way home like the second picture :)



And the white and yellow laterns (from amazon) are for the small garden. They will be hang in the trees.

Even these 100 origami cranes, which FI made all by himself!! They shall hang like the first picture.

(6) Comments

I LOVE all of your decor ideas!!! AND your venue is very chic with a great outdoor space for your guests to mingle. So I wouldn't worry about your guest count since you have multiple rooms for your "special" day :)


Not long now all your planning will make an amazing day,love the lanterns and cranes! H x

Oh my goodness, I LOVE your bio.... and your FI really made all those cranes??? That is so freaking cool!

oh thank you that cheers me up :)