Jul 29, 2011



Our wedding colour is yellow. I think yellow is a perfect colour for a summer wedding :) PLEASE let it be a hot summer in Hamburg ...

First we wanted sunflowers and gerberas as our wedding flowers. But now we changed our minds and we fell in love with roses!!! They are more elegant!

I saw this birdcage at a store near my office and fell in love. We will use it as a birdcage cardbox. I have to think about how I will decorate it. Any ideas??

FI has changed the color of the birdcage. Now it is white. I will buy flowers for the top.

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Yellow is such an awesome summer colour!!!  I LOVE your bird cage too - it's going to look so pretty with the flowers on top!

Loving fresh yellow! It'll look amazing!!

Love the bird cage!  I can see why you fell in love!  :)

Love this bright color scheme!