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The Bomb Diggity x6 right next to me...

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This is PAGE 3 taken from MY "Aisle File" Newsletter that I wrote for my BM's.  This pretty much sums it up about which direction I was going for for their look - A charcoal, smokey grey and sparkley brooches. 

The Bomb Diggity x4 right next to me photo 1

Red shoes with the dark silver dresses was going to make the look more edgey.  I was really inspired by this photo to show how good it would look together. 

SJP on the cover of my latest issue of Elle magazine January 2011:

The Bomb Diggity x4 right next to me photo 2

Thanks to Jennifer25 for sending me her file template to create my newsletter and Kalenalena for renaming it "The Aisle File".  Sharing is caring and there is so much LOVE to spread around PW!!! I had something to document my wedding planning and can refer back to for the girls.

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WOOT WOOT Shout out to JENNJENN!!! hahahaha