Dec 11, 2010


makeup artist: Elaine Chou

On my wedding day I had Elaine Chou come to my house to do my makeup and bridesmaids makeup. My makeup came out very pretty and stayed on all day. She made my eyes look so big. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that she put tape on my eyelids. All of my bridesmaids had tape on their eyelids too. I guess she put tape so our eyes won't be so chinky. LOL... She did a very good job at putting on fake lashes for me. I wear contacts so every little thing will irritate my eyes. She is the only person that have ever put fake lashes on me and I was able to wear them for most of the day until night time. I have never been able to wear fake lashes for more then four hours before without getting a major migraine. Elaine's assistant did my hair and I can't complain because we were running out of time and I wasn't planning on getting my hair done with Elaine's group. Five stars for them for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day and able to accomodate my requests last minute.

makeup artist Elaine Chou photo 1  makeup artist Elaine Chou photo 2

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