Oct 09, 2010


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In May 2009 Steve suggested a trip to Boston under the guise of visiting his parents.  Little did I know, Steve was already planning his proposal.  He called my parents to ask for permission and made reservations at The Westin Copley Place (the same hotel that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend over two years prior) and at the Top of the Hub, a restaurant located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Building.  Dinner was at 7:00pm on Saturday, 5 September 2009, just in time to watch the sunset over the Charles River and Boston skyline.  After stalling to order (he later confessed was because of nerves), Steve excused himself to use the restroom.  I was enjoying the view and the sunset when Steve returned.  I felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Steve kneeling next to me!  Steve proposed and presented the beautiful ring (mushy parts left out).  I was so taken aback that she forgot to say yes and just kissed Steve.  By this time the photographer that Steve hired had moved in to take pictures of the proposal and the surrounding tables applauded.  It was an unforgettable night!

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Wow such an adorable and thoughtful proposal story!!!!  I love that he caught you off guard and had a photographer waiting and everything!

Yes, I'm a lucky girl! :)

How awesome that he hired someone to get all this on camera- now you will have it forever! Wonderful!