Jul 05, 2014


It's Official!!!!!!

Christmas Eve 2010 he made me his "official" FI!!! We had planned to do our Christmas thing on Christmas Eve since some of his family would not be in town until Christmas day. He woke me up before the kids got up and we were just talking for awhile enjoying the quiet alone time. Then he just kinda sat up and said " I want to make this official" and then turned back around to me with an open ring box! I probably sat there for a full 3 seconds with a big goofy smile on my face before I told him YES! It will probably need to be sized, I got it on but its really snug. I love my ring!!!! He actually called my mom while he was out because he was so nervous picking out a ring, but she made him do it on his own lol. So after he bought it he took it to my parent's house to show them, which was a huge thing! I'm so proud of him! It was the most amazing and perfect day ever!!
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What a sweet story!!!  Congrats!!!

Congrats and Happy Planning.


Congrats!!! Happy planning!!!!!