Jan 15, 2011


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Our flutes.  My future aunt gave these to us for Christmas.  I about died when I saw these!  They are absolutely gorgeous!  The picture does them no justice!

Other stuff photo 1

Our Knife Set.  I found these at Party City for $20.  They aren't the most fantabulous... but I like them and they'll do.  :-)

Other stuff photo 2 Other stuff photo 3

Bridal Photos.  My photographer is awesome!  He sent me these two pictures right away!  I got the frames for them at Hobby Lobby when they were having their 50% off all frames sale, so I only spent about $25 for both frames!  Score!

Other stuff photo 4  Other stuff photo 5

Our Ring Pillow.  Since my order for the bridesmaids clutches took a little longer than expected, the seller made me a *free* ring pillow.  It's super adorable!

Other stuff photo 6

Parents Photos.  I decided to print out pictures from each of our parents' weddings and put them on the guestbook table.  That way our guests not only get to see my bridals and sign our "guestbook", but they get to see our parents on their wedding day as well.  I thought it would be a nice little way to honor our parents.  I was able to find these frames also at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale!

Other stuff photo 7

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