Jan 15, 2011




I decided to make a Mixbook for my parents of photos of the family.  I put in some inside jokes and funny pictures along with a nice poem I found online. Here's a few sample pictures:

Parents gifts photo 1 Parents gifts photo 2

Parents gifts photo 3 Parents gifts photo 4

Parents gifts photo 5 Parents gifts photo 6


The poem reads:

You taught me that God's there through it all
I was your first, I made you a proud Mom and Dad
Now we look at the good and bad times that we had
You always told me to lead a good life
Well now I'm going to be a wife
You weren't ready for this day to come
Now I ask that you'll love him like a son
On this day as Daddy walked me down the aisle
I looked at you Mom and remember that I have your lovely smile
People used to tell me that I looked like you
And I was always trying to prove it wasn't true
But now as I look back, I'm happy
For you helped build the woman in me
You taught me that beauty is on the inside
Well someone saw that beauty and took me as a bride
So I thank you both on this special day
And I hope you accept my loving husband
Because he loves your daughter in every way




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