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I asked for an organic-style, hand tied 12" bouquet with Circus Roses and Green Cymbidiums with a Ti Leaf collar and raffia tied handle.
Details photo 1 Details photo 2

This is our ceremony site: the lawn at the Kauai Coast Resort that fronts Waipouli Beach on the Coconut Coast on the East Side of Kauai.
Details photo 3

Our Circle Ceremony Set-Up (this picture is taken from the North Side of the Circle).  

We had 21 chairs...10 on one side and 11 on the other:

Details photo 4 

We tied our rings with ombre organza ribbon and placed them in a Lions Paw Shell to pass around to each guest for the Ring Warming:
Details photo 5 
Our officiant's husband and our good friend held the rings for us until it was time to pass them around for the Ring Warming
Details photo 6

We exchanged leis with each guest...dendrobium orchids for the ladies and kukui nut/seashells for the gents.  
We gave solid green orchid leis to our female friends and green/white ones to the family members.
Details photo 7  

Our niece and nephew (my twin brother's children) helped us by being the "lei bearers"
(when then heard we weren't have a FG/RB they were upset, so we came up with this job for them to do and they were thrilled!)
Details photo 8 Details photo 9Details photo 10
Details photo 11 Details photo 12
 Details photo 13 Details photo 14 Details photo 15

The palm fans and parasols were a big hit!  I wasn't going to do the parasols, but I am really glad that I did!
Details photo 16 Details photo 17 Details photo 18
Details photo 19

We requested that all of our guests wear "Beach Whites"...shades of white, ivory, khaki and tan:
Details photo 20
The polaroid guest friend shot photos of guests as they came up to the cocktail hour and mounted them to the
Guest Book Pages that I made...then after they had a drink and some pupus, they filled the pages out...
Details photo 21 Details photo 22Details photo 23 Details photo 24
 Details photo 25

The reception details with all of my blue glass!
Details photo 26 Details photo 27 Details photo 28Details photo 29 Details photo 30 Details photo 31
Details photo 32 Details photo 33

The catering manager, Manda Tollefson, printed out cute cocktail menus and had one at each table!
  Details photo 34

Our lauhala favor boxes embellished with sand dollars and the place cards printed on blue vellum featured each person's name in Hawaiian
Details photo 35 Details photo 36

The green and white dendrobiums with orange mokaras looked better than I had imagined they would!
Details photo 37
They lasted forever too!  Several of us had them in our condos until we had to leave Kauai.

Each seat had a namecard, palm fan and program.  Ladies' seats also had parasols.
Details photo 38 Details photo 39
Details photo 40

Here's how all of my DIY came together at the ceremony:
Details photo 41 Details photo 42
Details photo 43 Details photo 44

We wrote our own ceremony for our friend to perfom for us.  We printed it out and put it in this personalized scrapbook that matches the guestbook.
 Our BFF/Officiant, Sandra (aka knottie Latinadiva&TheBasqueBull)
Details photo 45 Details photo 46
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Beautiful!!!!!  I love the colors and the intimate vibe.  Congrats!