Sep 26, 1993


Why is South Park 19 One of The Best An

Even though the Simpsons will almost always be the rule of thumb against which families oriented animated show is going to be measured there has been not many shows which has been capable to hold their own like Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's creation South Park inside the modern times.

South Park 19 might be funny to anyone because its jokes are on a variety of different topics and, given that they make fun of everyone, you're typically not offended should they make fun of something like. The side effects to the is that often people are incapable of understand a particular joke and, sadly, get offended. Another very cool aspect of the show is when you pay focus on the storyplot in the episode, you are able to typically practice a excellent moral message as a result (and when you simply can't, they usually spell out for you at the conclusion with the "You see, I learned something today..." speech"), unlike Family Guy, where most jokes are unrelated for the plot line.

But, the thing that makes South Park 19 especially good, is its cast of characters. South Park 19 has numerous fun characters including Timmy, Jimmy, and (the best) Butters; nevertheless the main characters in the show are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. Cartman is fat, insensible and very discriminatory. He makes fun of Kyle if you are Jewish and is also constantly making rude remarks about everyone, while always getting offended himself whilst is known as "fat ass." Kenny is usually there for comic relief. It is possible to only know what he's saying from reactions with the other three boys along with the context of the episode, anf the husband gets killed in nearly every episode within the most random way. Stan and Kyle share an identical role within the story. They're usually the cooler heads in the town and therefore are the only real ones who care when Kenny dies, expressing this by always saying "Oh my g-d, they killed Kenny! You Bastards!" (that i find hilarious). They are also the ones who always sum the episode in the finish by telling the moral from the story.

However there are a lot of folks that don't like South Park because it is always making fun of religions, celebrities, government policy, etc... But, in my opinion, this really is what's so cool regarding it since the show makes fun of everyone and everything.

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