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Fun on Kauai

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We and the majority of our friends and family arrived in Kauai on Wednesday, September 26th.    We arrived, picked up our luggage and rental car, dropped our wedding clothes of with Jeanne at JMFormals in Lihue, checked into the Plantation Hale and went shopping at Costco for the Welcome BBQ and OOT bag goodies.  Later, we dined at the Hukilau Lanai and went to Safeway, where I bumped into my father who had just arrived from Alaska and my oldest childhood friend who just arrived from Los Angeles! It was surreal having a reunion in the floral department of the Safeway in Kapaa!

Fun on Kauai photo 1

Thursday, September 27th we got our lisence and met with the coordinator at the resort.  We had a mini-rehearsal (just us and our 5 friends who were officiant and the main readers, etc. in the ceremony)  Afterwards, Joseph and I had a hot stone massage and rain therapy treatment at the Makaiwa Spa at the Kauai Coast Resort.  They gave us a 10% discount since we were getting married there!  It was a wonderful way to unwind and relax together before the wedding events heated up.  That evening we had dinner with my father and step-mother and their kids at Wahoos in the Wailua Complex.  Turns out that my mom and her side of family and a group of our friends all ended up there as well (it is across from where we were staying) so we had an impromptu rehearsal dinner of sorts!  SO FUNNY!  Thursday night the guys got together and drank beer and smoked cigars at a friend's beach rental (The Surf Shack) while the ladies and I put the final touches on the favors and decor for the reception.   They bought each of us silly gag gifts from the ABC Store like a lei made of condoms and another made of Rum; Sex Wax, "I got lei'd in Hawaii" stickers and a Men and Women of Hawaii cheesecake calendar!

We got our marriage lisence from Ken, the barista, at Pono Market in Kapa'a!

Fun on Kauai photo 2 Fun on Kauai photo 3 Fun on Kauai photo 4

Yep! You can get a latte, loco moco plate lunch and ice cream sandwich along with your marriage lisence!  Only in HAWAII!

Fun on Kauai photo 5

Fun on Kauai photo 6 Fun on Kauai photo 7 Fun on Kauai photo 8

Friday, September 28th
the guys went golfing at Kukiolono Golf Course in Kalaheo (Nine holes a SUPER cheap!) while I and the ladies headed to brunch at Gaylord's at Kilohana Plantation.  Afterwards, we returned to our condo at the Plantation Hale and had a mani/pedi party (we decided to DIY after my mom had a horrible experience at the salon that was recommended to me by a knottie and that we all booked our appointments mom went the day before and was not happy at all with the service she received. )  My friend did my french manicure and my mom gave me a pedicure with stuff we bought from Longs.  I had pearlized baby blue toes with white and blue plumeria bling decals!   I think they looked way better than if I had gotten them done professionally.  Plus it was fun to hang out with the girls!  Friday evening we BBQ'd at the resort (they have gas grills and picnic tables near the pool) with all of our guests.  Many got in the aloha spirit and wore their Aloha attire.  Afterwards, we walked to Lappert's Ice Cream at the Coconut Marketplace and just hung out.  Then we walked everyone over to the Kauai Coast Resort to show them where the ceremony and reception would be.

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Saturday, September 29th was the WEDDING DAY!  I awoke super early and headed to Long's where in indulged in some cheap retail therapy and bought a newspaper for the day and some emergency essentials, like a needle and thread, double sided tape and Immodium AD, just in case!  The weather was the best it had been since our arrival and for the first time in weeks I felt really calm!  For more on the timeline of our day see the Getting Ready section above.

Sunday, September 30th
we all gathered aT Eggbert's Family Restaurant for brunch.  Afterwards we went sailing up the Na Pali Coast with my Dad, my sister and our friends on Holo Holo Charters.  The rest of the gang rented boogie boards and headed to the beach in Anahola.  That evening we all regrouped for dinner at Duke's Canoe Club at Kalapaki Bay.

Fun on Kauai photo 18
Fun on Kauai photo 19 Fun on Kauai photo 20
Fun on Kauai photo 21 Fun on Kauai photo 22
Fun on Kauai photo 23
Fun on Kauai photo 24 Fun on Kauai photo 25 Fun on Kauai photo 26

Monday, October 1st we slept in (finally)!  In the afternoon we headed to my mom's vacation rental at Aninni beach for a BBQ.  Then we got ready for our Trash the Dress/Day After Session with Jennifer Prater at Lumahai Beach.  See the Day After Photos section above for more details.

Fun on Kauai photo 27 Fun on Kauai photo 28 Fun on Kauai photo 29
Fun on Kauai photo 30 Fun on Kauai photo 31 Fun on Kauai photo 32
Looking good in wet formal wear is a workout!  My dress was very heavy after it was soaked!

Fun on Kauai photo 33 Fun on Kauai photo 34
Click HERE to see all of the photos from the session that our friend shot!

Tuesday, October 2nd
we rented seven kayaks at $40 per person from Wailua Kayak Rentals (808-821-1188) which is the only rental place right at the river.  We geared up and were on the Wailua River at 7 am.  We docked the boats and hiked to Secret Falls where we swam and picnicked.   We returned the kayaks at Noon and then took a break.  At 2 pm, we packed up all of our glass from the wedding and shipped it from the FedEx station at the airport and then we headed to Poipu to sun and snorkel.  Later that evening we dined with a few friends at the Hukilau Lanai.  Manda Tollefson, the catering manager, was super sweet and brought three complimentary desserts to our table.  Afterwards, we hung out in the lounge where Helen and Jeff from Easy Living were wrapping up their weekly performance.  Joseph requested that they play "Here and Now" for him since on the wedding day he walked in so fast that he barely heard the song!  They did and we got a little teary!  Helen gave us their latest CD that is Christmas Music and we said our farewells.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up our stay in Kauai.

Fun on Kauai photo 35 Fun on Kauai photo 36 Fun on Kauai photo 37Fun on Kauai photo 38 Fun on Kauai photo 39 Fun on Kauai photo 40
Fun on Kauai photo 41 Fun on Kauai photo 42 Fun on Kauai photo 43


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