Sep 29, 2007


Maui Minimoon

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Wednesday, October 3rd we departed Kauai for Maui.  We arrived in Maui around noon and headed to the car rental (see my review and details of ordeal below) and arrived at the Maui Prince Makena hotel around 2 pm.  Check-in was at 3 pm so we headed to the poolside grill and had sandwiches.  They were decent but certainly not worth the $35 they cost us...for two sandwiches and two sodas!  Needlesstosay, we decided then and there not to eat at the resort!  We checked-in to room 542 (the view from the room is the first photo below) and hung out on the beach for a couple of hours.  Then we headed to Sushi Go! for dinner.  It was okay...they're cheap and in Queen Ka'ahumanu Center, but they were out of a lot of things and the quality was also lacking (I had a bad reaction to something I ate that required an urgent stop at the Safeway in Kihei for some Benadryl).  I do not recommend this eatery....if you want Sushi, spend some money and go to a better place.  The cheapie in me paid dearly for that meal!  When we got back to the room there was a bucket of complimentart champagne awaiting us.

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Thursday, October 4th We slept in and decided to plan out the rest of visit so we looked in the travel guides and made reservations for Ulalena, Warren and Annabelle's, David Paul's Lahaina Grill and a sunset cruise with Pacific Whale Foundation.  We picked up some groceries in Kihei at the Safeway, since our hotel room had a fridge, we got yogurt, fruit, bagels and some snacks.  We had a little lunch and then returned to the hotel and lounged on their beach.  We saw a wedding on the bluff overlooking the beach, which was gorgeous.  We came back to the room and got ready to see Ulalena in Lahaina followed by dinner at David Paul's Lahaina Grill.  We loved the show and as professional performers ourselves, we tend to be very critical.  It had very hugh production values I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to do the luau thing, but who does want to immerse themselves in something inheritantly Hawaiian.  We walked to the restaurant for dinner afterwards and it was simply amazing!  We got the Chef's Tasting Menu and Wine Pairing...I opted for Surf and Joseph got Turf.  Everything was tasty and Joseph is quite a gourmand and was duly impressed with not only the food, but the impeccable service.  They even took a photo of us and emailed to us the next day and presented us with a "Happy Honeymoon" card signed by the staff.  It was lovely little touches like that which made the experience so wonderful.  They also have purse hooks for the ladies, so your bag isn't on the floor or slung over the back of your chair.  I like it so much I bought one for myself as well as one for my BFF and mom.  We cannot wait for our next trip to Maui and dinner at David Paul's Lahaina Grill!  

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Friday, October 5th We loved Makena beach at the hotel so much we just hung out there rather than driving all over the island seeking out other beaches.  Frankly, after our crazy week in Kauai, we were happy to do a whole lot of nothing!   We then headed to Ma'alaea Harbor for Pacific Whale Foundation's Sunset Cocktail Cruise (we got tickets for free when we booked Ulalena).  It was a blast, the food was good, they had a live musician and the crew was very nice and knowledgeable.  It got a little chilly near the end and I am glad I had brought a sweater.  After the sail we ate at Cafe O'Lei in Kihei.  It was good food, but a bustling Friday night so the atmosphere was not that romantic.  The restaurant was quite loud and boisterous.  None the less, we enjoyed the cockatils and the food.

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Saturday, October 6th  Our last full day in Maui and one week of being Mr. & Mrs....we relaxed for a final day on the beach at the resort.  In th evening we headed back to Lahaina for an early dinner at Pacific'O Retaurant.  We dined al fresco and had an awesome view.  The cocktails were generous and kickin'!  After dinner we walked down to Warren and Annabelle's Magic Show.  We did get the dinner package, but it was more like pupus, so we're glad we did dinner beforehand.  The show was great fun and we, along with two other honeymooning couples, were chosen to sit up front and assist Warren with the show.  He is very interactive with the audience and his tricks are amazing.  We were literally less than 4 feet from him and we still have NO IDEA how he does what he does!  Definitely a must-see when in Maui!

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